12 Program Challenge – Progam 6 Swipe! Done

So this month there wasn’t an update on my programming challenge. Mostly because COVID-19 happened in the world also altering my plans. But I did something!

What did I do? Swipe!

In the last challenge post I was thinking between two different options,

  • extension to the visual studio
  • FormMapper for test automation

Both ideas are still in my head, but I decided to do sth else: For some time I was thinking is there a better way to consume RSS then standard scroll down clients. Somehow the idea of Reigns which used Tinder mechanic for the game came to my mind. So I decided to do sth like this see if I can create PoC of “Tinder for Blogs.” So Swipe was born! My technical goal was to learn more about GraphQL – I haven’t yet opportunity to use it before.

How it went?

Difficult but I managed to do PoC There is no Swipe yet, but it is enough there to see for me if my idea makes sense.

Demo version is undeployable and has only five articles and looks like sh*t. But I see some potential in my idea. I will probably play with it. As usually link to Github: https://github.com/mwyrodek/Swipe

So what next.

This month made me realize some issues with my project. I am creating something that I don’t need, and I don’t use so how I can know if it works?

I am using ChainAnalyzer, and I will use ATF in my workshops. But other projects not so much. I’ve started using my ProductivityApp during my WFH (and realized how broken it is) So I decided to do some change. I am changing the tools from useful for Testers and Quality to Useful to me. So I would use them as dogfooding and expand this way. So basically I will make six more programs, but here is the biggest rule change if I see value in developing any of them I reserve my self-right to expand the time span for more months.

MindMap Tool

I love mind maps – if you are reading this blog for some time, you may know I spent some time in 2018 looking for mindmap tools to use.

Xmind Zen won due to how beautiful it is.

But Xmind and other mapping tools I checked have two main issues.

  1. You can’t search mind map from outside the map.
  2. Keyboard only is hard
  3. There is no tag support

So this is my project for this month. A simple mind map tool which allows for a search of many maps at once,

Stretch Goals: Tag support, Markdown support (at least link, image, bold italic header), fancy-font icons support

That all! thanks for tuning in!

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