12 Program Challenge – The Login Page Generator

Ok, so the 12 programs in 12 months challenge starting point come up in next few days so today I want to discuss rules and First program.

Challenge Rules

  1. Programs have to pass the criteria:
    helpful for quality improvements or for testers in general
  2. I have time from 1st of the given month to last day to create and release a working program.
  3. At the beginning of the month, I will make a post explaining my idea for the program.
  4. At the end of the month, I will make another post showing off the program.
  5. The app will be either available to download from my GitHub or will be deployed somewhere.
  6. Participation in hackathon counts -as long as I was working at it as developer not tester. (And fallows the criteria)
  7. If some app will get traction with the community I will provide bug fixes and maybe do some feature requests.

Follow The Challenge

  1. I have set up a Trello board for the Project – you can follow progress there.
  2. Reop on github is here.
  3. I will be doing steams from coding, if you want to join there will be on my YouTube channel, I will be posting information when I will be streaming on facebook and twitter.
  4. If you want to support me on my Endeavours I have setup Ko-fi.com/thebrokentest where you could donate. All money will be used for projects or page maintenance.

Program 1 – The Page Object Login Page Generator

Lets call it a „mock” of the menu

There is one thing I’ve done over and over while writing a UI test.
Code for login. And in most cases the code is the same.
Type email/username/password. switch to password type password press button.

So the goal of this project is to create small app that will help with it.

The MVP:

The absolute minimum you will get wizard when you can type your locators and if it is login/email/etc and it will generate code based on it that you can copy paste.


1. Support for most common SSO (Microsoft,Google,facebook, etc)
2.  Extension that would allow community to create their templates to use.

The Full idea:

My ideal solution would be tool that you should provide with address of login page and credentials. Then it would go to the page and tried to figure out what type of login you are using and then it would generate the code.

My Dream would be to point it toward your solution and it would create the page on its own (with adding it to csproj info)

So that all

Somewhere in next few days I will post 3 part blog post on myths connected with starting work as test automation specialist. And If everything will go great we will se each other at the end of the month.

Also if you have good name sugestion for the program I am open for them.

I am honest I have serious concern if I will be able to deliver all what I want oh well we will see…

Thank you to aviskase for suggestion on changes to programs criteria.

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