12 Program Challenge update #7 4th Task Done!

Time flyes and January is coming to an end.
So let’s see how well I did on project four went.

The Excuses

I will admit. This exercise was simple cause I wanted to spend more time learning blazor, which wouldn’t leave me with much time to do an actual app.
Most of my ideas were too big to implement so as last moment I came with the concept of Excuses generator.

I wanted to do some smart way of auto-generating excuses.
But after experimenting with different concepts for generator, nothing felt right. I wasn’t feeling the idea of Excuses.

So I did concept switch instead of generating excuses I will foretell if your projects will be delivered on time.

The Prophecy.

I was re-reading [Harry Potter and Methods of Ratrionality](http://www.hpmor.com/). The idea of Centaurs learning about future events from stars inspired me. I am leading to the theme of this app.

You stand alone in this night full of stars and ask them one question.
„Will my project be on time?” And the app will give you an answer. 
The prophecies are given from prefilled list.

But to make it more interesting, they have different rarities. So If you see purple Prophecy that I less then 1/10 and Orange is 1/100.

If you want to play with it, the code is here.

So let’s talk project #5

Automation Troubleshooting Playfield

The idea for Project 4 was cheating. I will admit it. I have stretched rules a lot to allow it.

I am a little afraid that project #5 is also breaking the rules. But I think this will be my most useful idea.

Over the years, I have encountered many different tricky situations with running test — not only Ui but also Unit.

And using it, I Want to build 5 challenges that user have to resolve the issues to make test running again.
How will it work?

  1. User will have to do a fork of my repo.
  2. Inside there will be a tutorial on how to setup AzureDevOps pipeline.
  3. Then Users goal will be to make all test run and pass on CI.

Why is it a breach of challenge rules? Because it is not a program per see. It will be a bunch of broken scripts. But I think it will be the most useful of projects I’ve done so far. I hope to make it in a way so others could add their own challenges to it.

So That all for now.

If you have some interesting troubleshooting cases connected to test in c# let me know! Maybe I will be able to add it to my challenge.

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