300: About Tools

There is one thing we can’t deny. It is dependent on tools – they improve our performance, and make what was once impossible – possible.

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However, we can get a little over-reliant on them. Moreover, tie our carrier to one specific software – For example Selenium.

We are dependent on tools, but we should avoid being dependant on A TOOL.

There is a fantastic article The Doctor and the Scalpel. Author Advocates teaching fundamentals. I agree wholeheartedly with this article there is nothing more critical the strong fundamentals! I have seen it again and again how having good basics helped to build a strong skill set with any technology tools.
I have also seen people that without those basics have for example learned Selenium never full grasping it working process. I talked once about the difference between Technician and Engeenier.
In short, the most significant difference is Engeenier understands why, why we do something and thanks to that when circumstances change. He won’t have a problem with adapting to the new situation.

There is saying:

„If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

Same is with programming and automation if all that you know is selenium you will see everything as E2E UI test. You need to have a wide array of tools to choose from.
Sometimes you may even make decisions that there is no need for automation at all. – Its rare but it can happen.

So to sum it up, tool usage is good.
However, don’t get over-reliant on „the one tool”. Try to understand why given solution work in a given context.

Most important, take your time to learn new tools.

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Q: What do you mean by Tool?
A: In this context is a catch-all phrase which covers all stuff, from programming languages, productivity software, libraries and frameworks. Anything that you use in your job but is not part of your body.

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