300: Soul Devoring jobs

On a span of 3 weeks, I heard too many stories of people on the verge of burnout in their IT jobs. For different reasons: some are burned by company culture,
others by projects, others by people.Dirty Gear

I can sympathize, I was there and I kind of still am, I won’t name it here but now nearly 2 years ago I was in a bad place. Mostly thanks to the corporation I worked for.



It destroyed me both mentally and physically there are still project and companies I won’t touch.

I think in that situation you can do one of 3 things:

  • Runaway – I am will admit I am a little over-relying on this strategy. As much as it has its pros – the fast end of the problem.
    It has issues:
    You need to be able to find a new job. One that doesn’t have this problem, And is acceptable in other aspects.
  • Fight it! This one is more head-on, instead of running away you can try to fix what is wrong. The biggest cons are:
    – Takes time.
    – It can be more stressful than the original situation.
  • Seek help, There are people in work that whole job is to help you. If there are worth their money they will.

There is a 4th way:

  • Endure, it is the safest way, from job security point of view. But it means nothing changes and the job will destroy you.
    It will start with excuses: I can’t do it, yet I need more three months to learn more, I have to pay my debt.

But after this excuses will come next ones and next ones. And nothing changes. You will become part of the system the miserable, jaded cog that is the part of the problem.

Whatever you do don’t let your job destroy your physical and mental health. Trust me it is not easy to recover from it.

How would you deal with such situations?
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