50 Shades of quality.

QA stands for many things:

  • Quality Assurance – ” I assure you there is Quality.”
  • Quality Assistance – ” We can assist you with the quality.”
  • Quality Advocacy – „My client is innocent; the bugs were there already.”
  • Quality Abandonment – „We gave up on quality years ago.”
  • Quality Anarchy -„We stand against Quality Control!”
  • Quality Acronym – „Quite Unusually Approachable Labour Ignoring Trained Yetis”
  • Quality Activism – „Quality! Quality! Quality! Quality! Quality! Quality!”
  • Quality Abstinence – „For 20 years we stand against Quality Control!
  • Quality Atheism – „We don’t believe in quality.”
  • Quality Apostle – „And on the 3rd day he raised and fixed a bug.”
  • Quality Agnostic -„Quality may or may not exist so far we have no proof.”
  • Quality Abstract – „Quality is not applicable or practical.”
  • Quality Academic – „Quality is a purely theoretical or speculative concept.”
  • Quality Abusive – „Our product is of high quality; it crashes only once per minute!”
  • Quality Accident – „We had quality once we don’t know how it happened.”
  • Quality Absent – „We haven’t seen it since 2002…”
  • Quality Acid – {censored}
  • Quality Adult – „I am an adult! I can care about my quality on my own”
  • Quality Adventure – „We don’t make bugs we have happy accidents.”
  • Quality Age – Happened around 14 billion years ago.
  • Quality Aid – „Don’t worry about quality. The team of testers is on their way to help You!”
  • Quality Adjunct – „A Quality person working on a team, project without full or permanent status.”
  • Quality Agent – „A spy in service of Quality.”
  • Quality Affair – „We’ve done some testing once, but it was a long time ago and did not count!”
  • Quality Ad – „Your project is breaking? Are your customers unhappy? Quality will resolve or your problems!”
  • Quality Adequate – „Eh this will suffice.”
  • Quality Afternoon – „when all developers are gone, and only testers stay.”
  • Quality Air Perri-Air
  • Quality Addict– „One more bug, can You fix just one more bug?”
  • Quality Ally – „We stand with Quality!”
  • Quality Already – „We have build quality in”
  • Quality Alternative – Bugs
  • Quality Always – Mythical concept that doesn’t exist.
  • Quality Amazed – „Woah it works!”
  • Quality Ambulance – „Did someone here call for some Quality?”
  • Quality Ancient – „I remember in 1965 when we went live, and customers loved it…”
  • Quality Anger -„Pain and destruction that is what was left…”
  • Quality Animal – „When you find a developer willing to fix some issues.”
  • Quality Annoyed – „This is broken, but I will no longer raise the bug.”
  • Quality Anxious – „I worry our customers won’t like our product.”
  • Quality Apprentice – ” At last we will reveal ourselves to the Developers. At last, we will have revenge.”
  • Quality Appart -„Here is our project, somewhere there is quality.”
  • Quality Apologist – „The current state of the project is just fine!”
  • Quality Argonaut – Tester going on a journey of finding quality.
  • Quality Appearance – „We will hide all the bug under this feature.”
  • Quality Approximate – „What we have is kinda similar to what You’ve expected.”
  • Quality Armed – “I have this ticket to prove I was right!”
  • Quality Army – That’s just a rumour.
  • Quality Artist – „I don’t think I like the feeling this application gives me…”
  • Quality Avoidance – “Look, it’s a tester! HIDE!”

That’s All!

It goes without saying this article is satire.
Thanks to Alexi and DragonQA for inspiration.

What about you? Do you know some other versions of QA? Share them with me!

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