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Following miniseries is dedicated to tools, there is so much growing market and the market is changing we can’t keep it up with them all.

Remember nobody can tell you what programming language what UI automation tool is the best. They can tell you which is their favourite and maybe way.
What I am offering you here a guide on how to look for tools that will work for you.


  1. About Tools – Why you need to build your toolbox.
  2. Where to look for tools. – A short list of sources where you can look for information about tools.
  3. Triage – how to select narrow down number of tools.
  4. Tools Investigation -Basic of how to check tools: 
    1. For an individual. – Specific checklist for personal uses.  -TBA
    2. For the company. – How to build a recommendation if the tool is for your company. – TBA
  5. How to make a decision about tools – TBA
  6. Summary – TBA