Online Test Conf is Coming!

Online Test Conf is coming close it will be here in 19th-21st may.

I have tried to be there as a speaker, but unfortunately, I didn’t get in.

But before I continue important info:

Warning! I’ve decided to become media patron for OnlineTestConf – so basically you may treat this article as being sponsored.

So as I said I didn’t get in as a speaker but looking at the lineup. It no surprise a lot of great people there.

My Highlights

To show you why I am hyped, I would like to say a few words about my favourites:

Alan Page

It is no secret I am a huge fan of Modern testing codified by Alan Page and Brent Jensen.

Alan presentation will be about stories from Modern Testing times. And I’ve seen how he was collecting case studies on oneofthethree slack. So I can safely say this one will be interesting

Rachell Lovallo

„Communication is Key: Lessons Learned from Testing in Healthcare Technology” I must admit Rachell is the only person from this line up who I have completely no information about. And this itself makes her interesting.

Her topic is close to my heart communication – I am poor at it, but I cannot state how important it is.

My issue is that there is a lot of soft presentation on this topic, but I haven’t seen a lot of case studies. That way, this one picked my interest.

Nurturing a healthy Culture

Culture is important your company may have great values but if there are not reflected in the action of employees, they are worth nothing, and quite often employes are driven by company culture.

I cannot state how valuable is ablity to grow and grom the culture.  That why I think this panel maybe the most important part of the first day.

Of course, nothing is perfect

O wouldn’t be my self If I didn’t point out one issue I have. The lineup, yes those all are great people, but as far as I can say from reading their profiles, they all are from „Western world”, eastern Europe got there no love.

Ultimately great content is what matters and as I mentioned before whit this line up there is no way it will go bad.

See you there!

OnlineTestConf is a free online event. So if anything in agenda picks your interest and you have time to spare. Then why not join it?

What do you think about agenda anything caught your eye?

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