Programming Challenge 5 – Timelapse experiment

So my experimentation with video recording goes forward. This time I am trying to do timelapse of my work on the challenge.

Timelapse -Programming Challenge

As I explained in the previous update – the goal of this challenge is to prepare a trial made of some stranger automation issues I had to fix.


For now, I am writing the application for which I will be writing the broken test (title drop!).

The App is a simple CLI calulator. It supports 4 operations, but you can chain more of them, and it is aware of the order of operations.

These two parts are the biggest pain to implement.

As you can see in the video – what is Saving me is writing a unit test.

Cause my poor architecture skills for me to rewrite hug part of code quite often.

So what is left?

  • Finish writing App.
  • Prepare more broken tests.
  • Prepare CI yml – we will use Azure DevOps
  • Write documentation and solution.

New Layout.

As you may notice My blog has a new layout

What do you think, do you like the new darker theme? 

It is easier on eyes.

That is all for today!

What do you think of this challange? Or my new layout? Or what do you think about my videos?

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