Questions about Knowledge.

January is a little stale on my blog. I am in the middle of research for my next article, but I am not yet ready to publish it.
So I want to try something different. I have a few questions for you. Connected to the article, I am writing.

As much as I would appreciate, if you would write the answer in comments or tagged me with it on FB/Twitter/Linkedin, It will be enough for me if you will just think about it.

The questions

What Does Knowledge mean to you?
Is it something that’s worth pursuing? Or just a means to the end? Or it’s something else?

Do you Share Your Knowledge?
What does Knowledge sharing Mean to you?
What does it mean to your company?
And most importantly:
Does your company support knowledge sharing? And How?

That all for now

I know it is a lot of questions. I will be happy with you answer anyone of them.
That all for today. I plan to publish my next article on Friday (24th January 2020 ). In the meantime you can check my older articles – the collection grew quite large.

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