Retro of the week.

Hi, welcome to a pilot post of my new series. Retro of the week.
The goal of the series is to keep a little update of what is going in my mind connected to testing and it.

The question of the week.

What should UI Test automation be verifying? – This thought returns to me regularly this time it was sparked by a remark from PO saying that UI test didn’t catch an issue. (error messages were displaying HTML tag to users). The answer is we didn’t intend it to look for that, the risk was small, and cost of preparing it to validate that kind of stuff was high.
But it still brings me, again and again, to question what is worth of UI automation and what kind of issues it should look for.
I have on my roadmap to do more prominent research on this subject and prepare my thoughts on topic and completion of experts opinions.

I have watched interesting video from GDC:

„30 Things I Hate About Your Game Pitch” link
We all have to do pitch from time to time, either testing strategy, new idea, a new tool, or even of ourselves. And this presentation boils down to the long list of things, not todo (plus few pieces of advice). Granted it is mostly directed for game pitches but most points apply to any pitch

Oncoming event :

I will be speaking at this year edition testwarez with presentation what tester can learn in support.
I have also joined as the mentor in techleaders „Tech Leaders Mentoring program for women.” I have participated as the mentor in the similar program organized by WiT in the past. In the program „Let’s solve IT” I have few lesson learned from it so I hope my participation in this one will go smoother.
I have three articles in the oven some are nearly ready other need more time:
The closest one to being done is another Flower.”
If you would like to read more weeks retros you can check it here.

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