Retro of the week #16 – I have interent

I have internet finally! So I can start writing more regularly.

The Question of the week:

Some of you may see my post on twitter/linking/facebook/slacks/

I am interested in whose responsibility it is to automate integration test in your teams/company?
For simplicity sake
I am treating SDETs as testers for this poll.
And Integration test is every test bigger then Unit that is not UI test.
Link to the poll:
Depending on some event I will be the closing poll on Monday.
In next retro, I will share results. I Have the article in work for which I need this data. This will come later.

The Article of the week: – I have few friends that want to join Testing world
I think this article by Alan Evil Tester is something they all have to read.

The Experiment of the week:

We did play with Gatling and JMeter. To select which one we are going to use in the project. Jmeter was chosen youth Gattling is more user-friendly. Other teams in the same project use Jmeter. And as much it is a little pitty old working tool is a better option than a new shiny toy.

The Keto Diet Experiment.

IT was going good up to Thursday then I succumbed to sweets 🙁

The event of The Week.

I have a panel on test fest this Saturday!

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