Retro of the week #20 future of IT


Another week has passed and another retro time. This time we will worry about future of IT and Feedback

The Question of the week: What will bring future of IT?

When will current IT bubble burst? How will landscape change?
What will AI bring us? And when it dooms us all?
And most importantly where do I see my self in future?
I have only one answer:

“Annushka has already bought the sunflower oil, and has not only bought it but has already spilt it.”
― Mikhail Bulgakov, The Master and Margarita

The Article of the week:

I have read a lot of good pieces this week, but By accident, I have deleted my notes with them 🙁
Thankfully Kamila did a nice piece on Feedback.
I have ranted on quite a few posts.
how important feedback is to me.

The Experiment of the week:

I’ve got a quite interesting task on the job. Updating our old JMeter 2.13 to 3.3 (or even 4) that task required lots of experimentation especially since I have only spend few hours with JMeter before this.
I am tempted to do some lesson learned on this subject.

Mindmap experiment:

As you see there is only mind maps from WrotQA event.
It was done in Mindly ios version I did it on Event I will talk below.
I have discovered this week that Xmind zen has multicoloured themes which means it is probably now winning the race.

Also, I did try Mind Meister. Mindmap for this retro was done in it. Unfortunately, I CAN’t EXPORT IT in a free version
Besides that, I don’t like this program.
IT has a nice tutorial but. It is very limited, and it seems I can’t colour branches.

I have mixed feeling in one way I don’t want to scratch off this tool too haphazardly but on the other hand, working with it wasn’t fun.

The event of the week:

Mindmap from evenI was on WrotQA this week subject was Hack me if you can.
It was a real entry-level presentation on software security.
There wasn’t much in-depth information, but a lot of easy tricks that even people not sitting in security should add to their toolbox.

From the meritorical point of view, the presentation was well prepared.
But I have some issues with the audio-visual part.

The presentation had lots of memic/funny text like „Hack me if you can” „Data motha*** do you speak it?” etc. but slides itself had a standard business serious look. IT was strange contrast.

Another thing is a small Faux Pas – as usually in case of a presentation about security the presenter did quite a lot pointing of flows in popular sides. And It is good practice learn by example – the tangible evidence is the better than an abstract concept.
But when you do that kind of performance. You can’t leave standard subtitle on the slide.
I didn’t do a picture, but on one of the slides there was Title prepared by the author and bellow it line with text „this is default subtitle field”.
Normally I would wave it away but when you have a presentation about „shaming ” mistakes of others having the error like this undermines your message.

But overall it was a pleasant meetup

And How did your week go?

Did you read something interesting? Or there are questions connected to testing that are on your mind? And how do you see our future?


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