Retro of the Week #21 Java build automation

Edit: some how post went without code for experiment – fixed it.

Another week has passed, and March is coming to an end.
From the perspective of my blog, it was the busiest time.
This week was also busy I had to write two quite large articles – one of them for some competition I will probably publish it one day here, but it will have to wait at least few weeks. This week we will talk about Unit test and Java build automation.

Mind map for week 21

The Question of the week: Which Java build automation choose?

Gradle vs Maven which is better suited for my current automation project? In case you don’t know both are Java build automation tools.
Mind you I am not saying which one is Better. But which one is better in my situation?
I like the maven pom.xml file it is easily readable like config. Gradle is little more complicated.

But as far as I can say grade doesn’t have issues with old versions of libraries. I had to move some dependencies in pom cause if testing was above rest-assured entries it created issues with Hamcrest library. Breaking the build

Gradle seems to be able to avoid this problem, and I think I will use it in the project.

And what is your opinion? I am the newbie in Java world, so I am open to all input on the subject.

The Article of the week:

Unit testing is base of all test automation some who by some accident this monster of the article came into my hands.

edit – Sorry but the link is no longer working and I couldn’t find any copy of the article online.

The Experiment of the week:

A friend of mine presented me with the interesting question why this code doesn’t work:

        public string DoSthRetry()
            for(int retryAttempt = 10; retryAttempt < 0; retryAttempt++)
                STH sth = new STH();
                    return sth.Do();
                catch(Exception e)
                    if(retryAttempt == RertyLimit)

And I will end it on this. Cause this section grow too long for short form of this articles.

Mindmap experiment

I have played with the mobile version of both Mindly and Xmind Zen. I like them both. But. Mindly is one-time purchase, so I have bought them for both my Mac and my Ios (IT costs as much as a subscription for six months of Xmind) I am still thinking about buying Xmind subscription but I need to learn how I can use it in work? Can I use my license or should I ask in that case company to get me one?

State of the blog:

I had written a lot of articles in last few weeks even if some of them I decided against publishing. Even so, I have published nine articles. There is one in the pipes, and three scraped.

I have quite a lot of off-work activity in April and May. So, outside of retros, at best there will be one more article.

And How did your week go?

Did you read something interesting? Or there are questions connected to testing that are on your mind?

 If you want to read more weeks retros check here.

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