„Retro of the week half-year Article collection.

As a small experiment, I have started retro of the week series a half year ago. One of the aspects of The retro was selecting an interesting article I have read that week. The goal was to force me to reflect on what I have read given week.

And I will admit some weeks were hard I had a problem recalling any article I’ve read at the end of the week.
As retro of the retros, I’ve decided to do Article Collection from all the retros.

You will notice that number of article is different than 26  cause few of them made more than once onto the list, and on few weeks there was more than one article.  Note cursive means it is my current thought not from original retro.

The Article Collection

Weeks 1 – 9

  • „30 Things I Hate About Your Game Pitch”  – We all have to do pitch from time to time, either testing strategy, new idea, a new tool, or even of ourselves. And this presentation boils down to the long list of things, not todo (plus few pieces of advice). Granted it is mostly directed for game pitches but most points apply to any pitch.  
  • THE WEB BEGAN DYING IN 2014, HERE’S HOW – One of the most important articles I Have read in last half year.  This article makes a huge impact on my plans for future.
  • Why recruiters can’t distinguish java from javascript? – I have suggested to the author to write about it cause I have seen this question asked too many times. I have worked with recruiters in past so I knew reasons for it but I never felt confident enough to answer it on my own. Now I can refer people to this article.
  • What nobody tells you about documentation – Lots of people read Agile Manifestos line “Working Software over Documentation” as “Working software over comprehensive documentation ” and they claim it is a reason not to do any. I don’t agree with that it leads to Tribal Knowledge sharing and this is a painful experience. That lead me to read this article because I was hoping for arguments to fight that mentality. Well, I’ve got something else much more worthwhile.
  • „Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus.” – This time it is not article but book.  And this book is an eye-opener; I am 4 chapters in, and I already see that so much stuff I was miss understanding.
    This book is mostly addressed to people in relationships, but I think there is a lot that Can also help work relations between men and women.
  • Outside of conferences I practically don’t use twitter (But you can still add me @thebrokentest). Mostly because I don’t understand it. That why I appreciate Kamila’s article on how to use twitter.   I am still bad with twitter it 🙁 slightly better but still bad. 
  • Learning how transit works from mini metro – I am not going to spoil here why. I have another post in the oven that will come tomorrow.  Now I will spoil it. I used it in my article about mini metro.
  • AB Testing Podcast 72 – not an article but I love Brents Rant that developers are often sheltered from the responsibility of their mistakes. 
  • Testing Microservices, the sane way” this article is long but worth it.  I have experienced lots of the pains and issues that author is talking about. So I am looking for a solution to avoid them in future. This article is suggesting few not sure if I fully agree with the author, but I am will to give a try. This article and other ones by Cindy Sridharan are keys articles I am returning again and again. This one and other are reshaping the way I see software development an testing.

Weeks 10-18

  • Nothing that exciting like last week but this article I like:
    Inefficient = Ineffective – I used to learn IDE by disconnecting my mouse and trying to do everything from the keyboard. It made me slower at the start, but the shortcuts were instrumental in my later performance.
    I never really thought about trying same with web passed apps (to be honest I blame that mostly on my experience with testing accessibility on web pages and how terrible usually it is)
  • Uncle Bob had which compers different code smell to drag, and I love this comparison: link.
  • Hacker rank published the report of their latest survey.
  • https://dragonqa.blog/How to talk about testing? – It is something that was I have pondered at the beginning of the week mostly because of next point.
  • End Note – „Never go from a job – always go to a job.” – since tomorrow I am starting a new job this advice is essential to me.
  • Warning Vulgar content! https://github.com/NARKOZ/hacker-scriptsAs much as I am trying to avoid to put vulgar content here. This one is worth mentioning. Cause it shows you that will a tinny bit of ingenuity you automate anything.I especially like the script that is scanning email box for the specific combination of keywords (sorry, problem,) and email address (belonging to some troublemaker) and if finds a much automatically restores stage DB from backup.
  • Considering a Career in Software Testing? – I have few friends that want to join Testing world
    I think this article by Alan Evil Tester is something they all have to read.
  • The idea of testers being similar to a scientist is not new to me hell I had the panel on this subject at test:fest (link)
    So when I saw this in my feed I was really happy:
  • Biscuit Testing a Scientific Approach – I love the fact that lately, I am finding more articles about testing and science. In this joe podcast, there were quite a few interesting ideas. Especially biscuit testing
    The Experiment of the week:
    I had finally sat down and did some SEO work for my blog.
    We will see how much it will improve traffic.

Weeks 19 – 26

  • Since a year or so I am asking my self what the role of the senior is. This article put it in an excellent perspective
  • I have read a lot of good pieces this week, but By accident, I have deleted my notes with them 🙁
    Thankfully Kamila did a nice piece on Feedback.
    I haveranted onquite a fewposts.
    how important feedback is to me.
  • Unit testing is base of all test automation some who by some accident this monster of the article came into my hands.
    A look at unit testing frameworks
  • I read a lot every week its hard to select JUST one article.This week it is impossible that why you get 3. First one Is connected to question of the week and my googling of that subject: Lets Broaden Our Testing Wisdom
  • Next one is this monster Testing in Production, the safe way
    Cindy Sridharan is the demon of writing I need something like the half day for each of her articles because of she goes so in-depth and refers so many other materials that you really need to have time set aside – because you won’t read just hers article you will read it and at least ten other ones. Sorry, I don’t have my mind map with notes – it is on different machine 🙁 – I will update this article with it on Monday (or I will forget)
  • This article about how to prevent bad writing code is also important: https://blog.daftcode.pl/become-a-better-programmer-by-making-it-hard-to-write-bad-code-d118ab90e0f7
  • Test Driven Testing – to be honest, I am little pissed off.
    Cause I have concept TDTD – Test Driven Test Development, this is an idea I am finetuning since 2014 I have even mention it in few my presentations.
    His concept is similar. But still, I strongly Encourage you to read his article.EDIT 16-04-2018:  Just to make clear me being „pissed off” was a failed attempt at light humour. I forgot old rule that text is harsher then speech.
  • This is not really article I’ve found old diagram representing Dale’s Cone of learning.
    Illustrating how much we learn by different methods.
    On Monday I will do four-day workshop sooo this is imported to me.Dale cone of learning
  • I haven’t read anything worth mentioning this week. But last week I found an article written by my friend Noemi. About AI and testing. Since I have one article on this subject in my pipeline, I thought I would share her article first.
  • Due to work, I had the pleasure of revisiting Cindie’s article about testing microservices. Maybe it is cheating cause I’ve already posted this article but I think that all.

That all

Quite a lot of article. I still think those are one of the best i have read so far this year.

But if I would have to say. The article about the death of web. Is the most important thing I read during last 6 months.

Also if you want to know why numbers are not related to year. you can learn more here.

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