TestFest 2020 A short relation

TestFest is conference close to my heart, I know organizers very well, and it was one of the first events I have spoken at. At the End of February, there was another edition, So it is time for yet another relation from TestFest.

Fun fact those sock are nearly indestructible.

Lately, it is a trend I spend more and more time on networking and Less time on talks. So I have less to say about presentations. That’s why we will try 3.2.1 Format again. I will say three things I liked, two I didn’t, and my main take away. So It is Time to start:

3 Things I liked

Przemek Lubic Lighting Talk

Przemek talk was a beautiful visualization of a concept called Shaving the Yak
I loved the timelapse video he used as background. It was amazing.
But it was soo good I have switched of and haven’t heard what he said.

Michał Krzyzanowski Who’s your plumber? About delivery pipelines

Loved the self-drawn slides. It was a good introduction to CI. I think I will add it to my collection of videos I use for teaching.

The Passion of Testfest

Photo by Grzechuzet

That is nothing new, but I think that this still deserves recognition
TestFest Organizers are doing it for free from their passion to the craft.
They are not here to promote their companies, they are not here to sell you their training, nor they are here to take your money.

They are here cause they care about knowledge sharing.
So go to them go to their profile and Say thank you! It is great you are doing it even if you didn’t get a ticket.

Two Things I didn’t like.

The Closing Ceremony.

It was rushed, started with a very hasty reminder about partners. Then speakers were basically treated like Cattle.
We were herded to the science hastily given some certificate and headed out. It felt more like an obligation than real appreciation for speakers and partners. And yes I shouldn’t whine. I got a great coffee cup.

The technical level of our panel.

I had a Panel with DevOwls and here is the thing. It was great.
But It wasn’t what is supposed to be. Having such a team on the scene, I hoped for some great insight but looking back, we stuck to the same shallow points, and we didn’t go as deep as we should.

Main Take away:

The hero of Testfest – Robert Podsiadły.
Robert is a developer who came here to share his insights, and it wasn’t his first Testfest. I wasn’t at his talk at the conference, but I have seen it during rehearsal, and it was great.
But for me, what is important. That given his age, I fact that he is still up to date, and still have passion is uplifting for me. Cause as you may have noticed in my past article.I worry if I will be able to do it in his age.

So for me, he is a hero.

That all for today!

One more time go to Testfest organizers and say hello and thank you!

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