300: The era of crappy quality

Let us take a look at the era of crappy quality.


In the past, if you bought a tool or car, you were expecting it to last years.
This was good for you but problematic for the vendors. You were taken out of the market for a long time. That led to a change in the market. Now dominated by „cheaper” products but of inferior quality. They won’t survive for long but most won’t users won’t care.

So, what do testers do in the era of crappy quality?

Most of the stuff theirs finds will be ignored because they have no time to fix it. And there will be even anger at them for stalling the sign-off and risking teams essential release window. At some point, someone will start asking what the purpose of those guys here is?

Of course, we testers can adapt to this new situation.
But we need to do it before „Era of Crappy Quality” sets in! We will need to be able to find bugs before implementation will even happen. We will need to shorten the feedback loop to zero so we can provide faster release.
And we will need to embrace the fact that customers are only one able to assess the quality of the product! If they want crap so be it.

If customers don’t care about quality then why bother?

Tester is an expensive resource. Oh, users may whine about poor quality, but they won’t leave – they know app next door is as bad.

So what do you think? Are we really living in the era of crappy quality?
Or I am a sodding pessimist?

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