Top 4 post of my blog and what next.

I was doing some stats of my blog to see what worked and what didn’t. And I thought I will share with you what were my most popular articles of this year. I will also share a few plans for a post next year.

Top 3 Articles

My easily I most popular post is Books for testers – my recommendations. And I am glad I have put a lot of work into it.

My next popular post is Tester, why are you not worried about AI? Another post where I have put a lot of time into preparation. But IT is a little disappointing since I have put also some money into promotion of this post. I was curious about how Facebook ads work apparently not really well.

Next on the list is About Me page.
I was a little surprised to see it at the least. But to look at how many conferences I have spoken it makes sense – I will have to update it little more. -And yes this is page not article thats why we have one more:

30 days of API testing Challenge – my Compilation
This one is a huge surprise – this post has less than 30 days and achieved a better result than most of my post.

What my favorite article?

300 – On the importance of goals. The subject of goals is still on my mind. I am bad at designing them, and I see how much it hurts me. And how well it works when I’ve intended right goal. SMART has its issues, but it is a beneficial tool.

So what Plans I have for next year?

I want to clarify for my self and you what is my stand of testing, what is just my belief and what is an objective fact. – Working title „Testing my manifesto”

Next in line posts about automation and its anti principles and antipattern. I want to revisit my opinion on this subject. Cause I think that creating my idea of anitprinicples I have realised that I am tackling the wrong problem.
Working title „Quo Vadis Test Automation?”

And few more but these two Are most important to me.

See you next year!

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