Winds of Change on the blog

I have started this blog in February 2017 so it is nearly year and a half ago.

winds blowing
Winds of change blowing

There was the loose idea behind the blog. I wanted to share anti-patterns I have witnessed. And some possible solutions.

In meantime blog, have changed in some way I wasn’t expecting: Test inspiration, retros and Relation from events are the vast majority of the content. And well one of the biggest issues I have with bad automation practices is “no clear goal”

Which leads to automation growing in the uncontrolled cancerous way. If you take a look at my blog. This is what has happened. Fortunately compared to code, I don’t have to refactor my old post.
But I have to do some changes.


First one is blog mission, my goal:

“To bring Quality of Life improvements for testers.”

What does that mean?
I want to share tips and tricks that will improve your testing but making it fast, more comfortable to do or just less annoying.

If I will suggest something to do. For additional work, it brings it will have to remove at least twice as much work.

So what will change what will stay?

I will still post-event reports.
Retro of the week is going to stop for now. I want to do some regular content „retro of the week” took nearly as much time as the general article and brought not enough value.

The goal still is to have four posts per month

What with flowers?

Flowers will stay. Removing anti-patterns is one of those efforts that will improve your testing quality of life.

Book review – they will stay, but I will look at them from the different perspective
So what else you will see on the blog?

Some snippet of code java/c#/ruby/powershell/ for doing some small things that can make your testing faster/easier/more pleasant.

Same goes for inspirations. The goal should be to make your life easier. How to get better results with equal effort.

What else?

Tools I plan to spend more time looking at tools.
And that doesn’t mean only automation tools. Also tools for other parts of our job.
But of course, we can improve our work not only by code and tools.
Also by becoming better. And I will spend some time on that too.

So having said all of this what coming for the blog:

  • Adopting to change – I will talk about the most exciting talk from PMI conf.
  • Slow down. – Mind fullness in testing
  • Testing cup relation
  • Northern Ireland developers days relation
  • Next Flower

That all for know.

What do you think?

Also, what do you think about voting button what article do next?

That all for today thank you for your time!

 If you want to read old retros they are here.

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