About Me

My Name is Maciej Wyrodek,

I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.

I am Tester constantly driven by curiosity and hunger for destruction.

My Specialization is Automation. I am part of IT since 2011.  My constant curiosity gave me the opportunity to work, among others, on projects for Objectivity, Dell, Volvo, Creditsafe, Jetshop, Kobo, Contium.

I had become tester because outside becoming demolition expert it was the only available option to get paid for breaking stuff. Even though I am specialising in Test Automation, my first love is Human Testing.  I love experimenting, seeing new things and how they affect his world.

Since 2016 I am trying to give more to the community by presenting at conferences, meetups, workshops and mentoring.

In free time I am writing on the blog wyrodek.pl. Where my aim is to improve the efficiency of your automation.

foto of me from SEETEST event
thanks to seetest.org for allowing me to use this foto

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