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Many Terms have many definitions its hard to keep them straight.
That why I’ve decided to add this section to my page,
it will contain definitions of some words that I am using, so if you have doubts about my terminology you can check it here.
When possible I will try to provide a source of the definitions


Mini Wow effect – Like wow effect only instead of changing your whole view it is a small nugget of advice, a piece of knowledge that can improve your understanding.

The Wow effect – If you read some article, watch some video, or listen to the presentation and it changes a way you look at a given subject.

Tools – Catch all terms describing anything we use, starting with full automation stack, to some small programs used for note-taking. Basically anything that you use is a tool.

Baby’s First xxx – Term borrowed from the Lorerunner. It means that something is basic introduction level.

Magic of the Names – Giving some concept name make is more tangible easier to comprehend. A proper good title can make a hard concept much easier to understand, allowing it to spread. But also can be a double-edged sword making it easier to shelf if as X. Bad name can also lead to confusion or highlight the wrong part of the concept.