ITea Morning – Links of the week 32

On my YouTube channel I have a project called “ITea Morning”.
The idea is to make daily short videos with few links to articles for audience to read to morning tea or coffee.

Since my channel is in polish for your conviniece I am weekly sharing here all the intresting materials I am talking about

Now Let’s drink our ITea!

ITea Morning #86

It’s time to retire our test case management tools
Essays on programming I think about a lot
5 things I hate about Scrum
Why you’re procrastinating more

ITea Morning #87

Minstry of testing promocja
Testing Third Party Integrations
GitHub Road Map
The AWS bill heard around the world

ITea Morning #88

How becoming a Software Tester changed my fairytale for the bette
Cucumber Parallel Scenarios with JUnit5 and Gradle
Unauthorized Bread
Japanese construction giant to build massive dam almost entirely with robots

ITea Morning #89

The Pitfall of Estimations and How (try to) Avoid The
5 Steps to Get to Test Driven Development
Airbnb and ClassPass vs Apple
Google will keep employees working remotely until July 2021

ITea Morning #90

The Hidden Costs of BDD Tools
GitHub Chaos Actions in Your CI/CD workflow
Using AI in HR and recruitment – data protection issues
Microsoft’s Edge browser was crashing if you had Google set as default search

That is all for today see you next week!

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