ITea Morning – Links of the week 20

On my YouTube channel I have a project called “[ITea Morning](”.
The idea is to make daily short videos with few links to articles for audience to read to morning tea or coffee.

Since my channel is in polish for your convenience I am [weekly sharing here]( all the interesting materials I am talking about

Now Let’s drink our ITea!

## ITea Morning #261
• [Inheritance was invented as a performance hack](
• [The Dark Factor of Personality: Determine your D-Score](

## ITea Morning #262
• [How often do people actually copy and paste from Stack Overflow? Now we know.](
• [Why programmers don’t write documentation](

## ITea Morning #263
• [120 – Advancing Excel as a programming language with Andy Gordon and Simon Peyton Jones](
• [On the Bare Necessity of Psychological Safety](

## ITea Morning #264
• [Why are developers against testability?](
• [How Setting Arbitrary Deadlines Can Hurt Developers](

## ITea Morning #265
• [3 Amigos – a sequel](
• [Why Your New Strategy Will Fail](

## ITea Morning #266
• [Next Gen CSS: @container](
• [Tomasz Onyszko](

## ITea Morning #267
• [Introducing Plot Components: A new way to build HTML pages using Swift](
• [How to Flip or Mirror Camera on Google Meet on Windows and Mac](

That is all for today see you next week!

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