ITea Morning – Links of the week 4

On my YouTube channel I have a project called “[ITea Morning](”.
The idea is to make daily short videos with few links to articles for audience to read to morning tea or coffee.

Since my channel is in polish for your conviniece I am [weekly sharing here]( all the intresting materials I am talking about

Now Let’s drink our ITea!

## ITea Morning #194
• [100 Best Mobile Development Books of All Time](
• [2021: the year of the Chief of Staff?](

## ITea Morning #195
• [The Testing Mindset Myth](
• [The ‘arctic fox’ model of software delivery](

## ITea Morning #196
• [What Method Chaining in JavaScript Is, How It Works and How to Use It](
• [Surviving the Organisational Side Quest — No Idea Blog](

## ITea Morning #197
• [Tips & Tricks for Cypress](
• [Tajfunowe przypisy – odcinek 0 “Przypisy?! To ktoś to czyta?”](

That is all for today see you next week!

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