ITea Morning – Links of the week 28

On my YouTube channel I have a project called “ITea Morning”.

The idea is to make daily short videos with few links to articles for audience to read to morning tea or coffee.

Since Videos are in Polish I wasn’t writing about it here so far. But now after input from viewers I decided to share weekly aggregate of the materials I talked about since most of the materials are in English I decided to share them also here on the blog. Note some of them points to timed event or materials in polish those will be marked respectively [Outdated] and [PL].

Now Let’s drink our ITea!

ITea Morning #66

• Automation Patterns Webinar

• Api desgin methodolgies

An Agile Team In A Waterfall Company – Values, Principles, And Behavior

• Tik Tok Revere Engineered

ITea Morning #67

• What is Testing

• Software should be designed to last

• History of Search Engines

• Fun Software Testing

ITea Morning #68

• Ten Portoflio Projects

• Mutation Testing

• Improving Duck Duck Go

• Doctor and The Scalpel

ITea Morning #69

• Test Automation VS Process Automation

• Find Your Most Expensive Lines of Code – Amazon CodeGuru Is Now Generally Available

• The power of proposals

• Lessons learned from building a commercial open source bot development platform

ITea Morning #70

• Powershell for testing

• Case study: Analyzing Notion app performance

 • There’s never been an easier time to write your own language

• New Mac Ransomware Is Even More Sinister Than It Appears

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