ITea Morning – Links of the week 37

On my YouTube channel I have a project called “ITea Morning”.
The idea is to make daily short videos with few links to articles for audience to read to morning tea or coffee.

Since my channel is in polish for your conviniece I am weekly sharing here all the intresting materials I am talking about

Now Let’s drink our ITea!

ITea Morning #1089

Mindful Testing – because testing should not be done on autopilot
Game Design Curriculum
Remote Work Is Killing the Hidden Trillion-Dollar Office Economy
Co się dzieje, kiedy szukasz pomocy na internetowych forach

ITea Morning #110

Outcome over output
10 lesser-known Web APIs you may want to use
The Impostor’s Advantage
Dark Pattern

ITea Morning #111

Let’s Focus More on Quality and Less on Testing
Announcing the General Availability of Bottlerocket, an open source Linux distribution built to run containers
First hands on the new Twitter API

ITea Morning #112

The Current State of Mock APIs Using Postman
Learn Vim. A new extension to help you learn Vim in VSCode
Agile Maturity vs Ability to Change
Scientists created artificial skin that can feel pain

ITea Morning #113

Visualize the Test Strategy
Breaking Down SmartBear’s 2020 State of API Report
Why Consensus Kills Innovation
A Review of the Habitica App

That is all for today see you next week!

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