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Garden at Rathgar castle

Quoz yet another metaphore for Exploratory testing

I am in Dublin for 1,5 year, but I have started exploring it less than few month ago.

Gym in the park
Gym in the park on Outskirts of Dublin

I have finally got my Bikecicle sort out and some time to just mount the bike and go. No plans. Just direction.

I am scout I love exploring the sense of wonder and unknown. Lately, I have learned that this sense has name „Quoz.” [expand] „quoz” is a noun „referring to anything strange, incongruous, or peculiar; at its heart is the unknown, the mysterious by William Least Heat-Moon [/expand]

Of course, as a tester, I had to realize something: When I go just to drive, with no goal, only absorbing what is around me. I see more. I learn more.
Curiosity is what drives me I see on the horizon some curious building, and I will go check it out. I see something interesting; I’ll stop and look.

one way sign with graffiti of a man

But when I finally decided it is time to go home. I have activated GPS guide. My paradigm changed I was more absorbed with the goal then the road. The pleasure of the journey, Every few minutes I had to remind myself that am still here for fun! If I see something interesting, I still should have to check it. But GPS was keeping me on track I wasn’t sighting seeing anymore.

Do you see it? The connection to testing?
Yes the exploratory testing vs. scripted testing
Exploratory testing is like that wandering. It is not aimless you have a direction which is quite vague, but it makes you look around to see more.
Scripted testing is like going with GPS. You are concentrating on the goal you don’t see the world around you. But in some ways, it is faster and more concentrated. If you want to do fast check, no matter is there are some rare defects somewhere on the edge this approach will be faster.

Yellow House

I prefer exploratory testing cause I love that sense of wonder, but lately, I see some uses for scripted testing too.


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