Tapost 2018 – A short Relation

TAPOST is conference in Riga, Latvia; unfortunately, I didn’t have time for sightseeing, but I did manage to do some small tour.


First and foremost: Tapost conference is getting the bonus point for not heaving test in the name.
(Well it does have it in full name: Theory and Practice of Software Testing).

The theme of this edition was The Ultimate Test Automation
And as I would discuss the „ultimate” part. But the fact was it was heavy on automation, and that made me really happy.

Questions App

One interesting thing was the usage of sli.do application for asking questions. I like the idea for it as it gives the option for shy people to ask a question. But I think the conference is to small for the use of the app as the primary tool for Q&A. Also, I wasn’t seeing many people using phones or computers. Which would explain why at some talk audience decided to ignore using sli.do and started asking questions frequently.

The thing that made Tapost unique was how much more formal this conference was. Most people were quite officially dressed, This plus air of seriousness gave it all a feeling of science symposium.

My Favorite Talk

Bart Szulc presenting code coverage visualization

I have only one recommendation.
Bart Szulc – Risk-Based Code Coverage Analysis.
Spartez has great speakers Kasia did a great presentation on TestCamp, and now Bart showed class on Tapost.
I think I have changed my approach to code coverage thanks to his ideas.

I have no more recomendations but each presentation had some nugget that interested me.

How was my presentation?

I am not satisfied I still did it to fast, it was better paced than before, but I still have a lot to improve. But I managed to talk with few people afterwards.

Final thoughts

 Michał Buczko in middle of his presentation

So, in summary, it was an interesting experience, but I think conference fatigue is slowly getting to me.

That all for now Next time you will see me in Cracow. If you want to read other relations click here.

And What about you? Did you go to some conferences lately?

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  1. Mike

    Wow no comment on my presentation, sounds like no good feedback to give ??

    1. Maciej Wyrodek

      Well more of conflict of interest: we work in the same company and spend lots of time together so I would have to write a ton of disclaimers to even mention your presentation 😛

  2. Alex

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. I enjoyed your talk 🙂

    1. Maciej Wyrodek

      Thank you, that’s nice to hear.

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