TestDive 2019 A short relation -count down style!

I had the opportunity to speak again at TestDive in Cracow. It was a great conference, and I would like to share some of my thoughts with you.

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Let’s do something new – a TestDive count down!

This time we will do it; differently, I will count from 3 to 1 – I will give you three things I liked, two I disliked and one that made me think.

Three things I liked

  • TestDive Speakers Care: We got a handler that was our point of contact she/he would show us around, work as our point of contact in case of any need. Beside it, we had TWO speakers rooms. Yes, you heard it right there were two speakers room, where we could leave our stuff and prepare for the talk.
  • The Cinema – As a viewer, it is the best experience you have HUGE slides, very good sound, and comfy seats with a place for a drink. As a speaker, I think this is the most challenging place to talk – I mentioned it in my relation from last year.
  • Chillout/Retro games rooms – IF you needed a moment to calm down and chill there was a lot of places where you could do it.

Two things I didn’t like

  • Room limitations. I think probably due to safety reasons: if all places were taken – you wouldn’t be let in to see the presentation. 
  • Placement of Petra presentation. This is a thing that confused me a lot. I love Petra presentation; it is nice to see how it evolved. My issue is simple: putting her presentation in one of the last slots is a waste of potential. All Petras presentation ends with a call to action. To mark yourself with insight colour and this is an excellent conversation starter – it worked well at QMO conference.

A thing that made me think

I am starting wondering if 45-minute presentation slot is not time of the past? Looking at people, they start to doze off at the end of the talk (Especially in cinema where it is dark – on one presentation guy next to me was snoring). Forty-five minutes is a short time to do deep dive, and it is a long time for doing a shallow introduction to the subject. I know I regularly have problem with feeling 45-minute slot, and at this event, two presentations finished swiftly – one after 17 minutes and another after 11. Seriously in the era of internet where you can easily find any information, one of the most significant values of conference talks is to introduce you to a new subject.

That’s all!

What do you think of this format? Is it useful to you?
Or do you prefer normal relations? What About you did you attend TestDive? How did you like it?

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