Workshop for Project Managers: Testing in the everchanging world.

Lots of us testers have seen this issues: Developers, Managers, and Business don’t know what Tester role is, What testing even is.
Mind you not all of them, maybe it is even minority.
But It is not their fault. I think we Testers are to blame.
I like to joke where two testers meet you there you will see three definitions what testing is. And I am not only one:
A friend of mine uses the exciting task in her interviews „Describe in one sentence to your grandmother what Tester do. ” bonus points for not using metaphors. Hard. Isn’t it?

Testing is easy to understand after experiencing it, but it is quite hard to describe in worlds, that why I Decided to prepare workshop so anybody interested, could check empirically what testing is.
That why this year I am trying to reach out from my Testing silos to other roles in It development. Mostly without success, fortunately, PMI Poland saw some potential in my idea and ask me to do this workshop.

How will the workshop look?

The participant will be testing simple game of „ships.”
The workshop will be a short walk through the history of testing.
We will start in Era of the waterfall.
Starting with documentation. Writing, test cases, testing and then making decisions are we going to production or not?

Of course, Waterfall still has its uses, so next, we will take a look at Testing in the agile world.
Both human testing and Test automation. We will see how testing has changed compared from the waterfall and how sometimes. We are stuck in the past.

Of course, Theme of the conference is 50 shades of change.
So our last part we will take a look at one of the freshest trend in testing. And how it will affect our future.


Are you interested? Do you think your mangar, developer could benefit from such workshop?
Send them to PMI conference in Wrocław!
The workshop will be in Polish. But if there will be English speaking audience, I can switch 🙂

If you want to read more about my public speaking activities check here

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