12 Program Challenge update #6 3rd Task Done!

Challenge Progress Update

Ufff December was hard I was expecting that, so I planned as a simpler task for this month. Or so I thought….

So To remind you I planned to create a simple productivity tool called (10+2)*5 Using Blazor.

Bridge with nice statues
This month biggest challenge was managing my time to actually work on my code.

The source is available here.
But be warned it is one of the worst codes I have ever written.

What Was the problem?

There were few.
First one was The multithreading. To be honest, I am really out of the loop with multithreading I now the old theory with Mutexs and Semafors. But I haven’t spent much time working with never mechanisms.
And For the (10+2)*5 I had to synchronize two tasks:
One that is doing the waiting and others that can stop the timer or move it to the next phase.
I have fast found that in C# the best mechanism is CancelationToken.

But this Lead me to the second issue I didn’t know how to write a unit test properly to account for threading…
The Third issues were I didn’t have enough time to learn how to write code in Blazor properly. When I correctly separated the code with Solid in mind, couldn’t make it work. So it leads to a mess of code you see.

The last issue was playing sound. I had to use hacks to resolve it.
Lastly, I’ve planned also to deploy it somewhere so everybody can play. But I didn’t have enough time.

I am still proud.

This challenge was a great learning experience. I have seen how much I still have to learn how far behind In full-stack.

Next Challange

I have planned as next challenge something much more complicated – but I am not ready. I need to spend more time learning Blazor. So for this month, I am doing something more straightforward.

A generator of stupid excuses why Testing is not done and gives some exaggerated estimation when it will be done, for example:

„Sun Waves delayed building. We will finish after New Moon.”
„Dog ate kids Homework. It will be done before the end of the next fiscal year.”
„Time has frozen; we can’t finish the task. We will take care of it after pineapple pizza.”

The excuses do not convince me, yet maybe I will do something more to the ground…

So how does it fit our theme? Well, Quite often testing is used as a scapegoat for why something is delayed so maybe we should have a generator of fake scapegoats to show them how ridiculous their claim is.

Since tomorrow is the last day in 2019, I want to wish you all Happy New Year!

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