Programming Challenge 5- ATF – DONE

So as you may remember challenge for this month was to write a small project with azure DevOps pipeline that has a lot of tricky issues to fix.

This one was super fun. I was literally done in the first few days of February.

Then I kind of scraw up.

My hope was to get some feedback from testers in my company, but I never managed to do that. But the biggest scraw up is the name

ATF – originally the name was supposed to be Automation Fixer Trials 

But somehow I miss-typed name of the repo and solution. 

My laziness stopped me from renaming it sooo..

Now we have ATF – Automation Trial – Fixer.

Still kind of works…

I don’t want to go into details to not spoil the surprises in the code.

So please try it and let me know what you think about it:

Whats is next…

I must admit I cannot make my mind- I will probably do final anoucment after Test:Fest.

So two options are:

Titus Fortner gave me this inspiration.

Auto filler to forms.

So imagine this you have a form that you have to fill and well usually doing it in selenium would require to create a whole huge page object to fill each field separately.

What if we would create some NuGet package which would provide you with a mechanism similar to REST calls serialization?

How would it work?

For example, you have „create account” screen. With 4 fields.

User name, Email address, password, confirm password.

So to fill such form you would create class like this

public class RegisterAccountForm
    public string UserName {get; set;}
    public string EmailAddress {get; set;}
    public string Password {get; set;}
    public string ConfirmPassword {get; set;}

Then in test you could do something like this:

var formData = new RegisterAccountForm();

So this is one option.

Another option is an extension for Visual Studio.

This is what is see too often setuping config file – you still have to type values there and it easy to make mistakes.

So my idea is to create something which allows using select options from the dropdown in the config file – I have to figure out yet how to store them first…

I will admit I am not sure if any of those projects is actually doable.

So that why I am hesitant.

What do you think? Which project would you like to see?

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