About practicing what you preach.

There are few rules from my practice I am trying to share on meetups and conferences.
I am sharing them cause I think they are useful for others.
But sometimes I break my own rules. And lately, in retrospective, I feel like phony. Why do I break them?
Well some out of laziness, sometimes it is creator bias (Which is ironic since implemented rule 'see red after green to avoid it,’).
Sometimes it is time pressure. Other time is a typical human error. I just forgot to apply it or didn’t realize that given rule did apply.

So which my own rules I break most?

1. Limited trust to developers, and product owners. (i will talk about it in future)
2. Don’t assume. (i mentioned it in my one of my first posts link)
3. Cooperation with support. (link)
4. See red after seeing green. (coming soon)

Am I Hypocrite for breaking my own rules?

No, I am not. I am human. I make mistakes. It is not the privilege reserved only for devs 😛
But it is essential to learn from mistakes and try to understand why I did waver why I didn’t follow the rule.
Was rule wrong? Or I did something wrong?
And there is one more thing something I forgot. Fortunetly pop song overheard in gym reminded me.
Practice makes perfect
I’m still tryna’ learn it by heart
Eat, sleep, and breathe it
Rehearse and repeat it ’cause I
I’ve got new rules; I count ’em (…)”
– New Rules, Dua Lipa
You won’t become a master overnight the fact that you decided something doesn’t mean it will come easy for you. I still have to train my self to follow my own rules.
So to sum it up. Don’t call your tutor hypocrite if you caught him acting against his teaching. And don’t be too hard on your self if you can’t get new practices in place at the first time.
Repeat, repeat and repeat at some point it will become second nature.
Ps, If someone would tell me few year ago that pop song would inspire me to write the post about testing I wouldn’t believe him.
If you want to read more test inspirations check here.

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  1. Robert Day

    You ask, „Am I Hypocrite for breaking my own rules?”

    The answer is a resounding „No!”.

    You are become a Master, because you now know when to break the rules and when the rules must be followed. This is a natural stage on everyone’s own Path to enlightenment.

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