Meetup: When machines lie to us and why manual testing is still needed

On Wednesday I was speaking at Dublin Ministry of Testing Meetup.
I have given few presentations already, but that was my first in English. I was
excited, and to rise stakes even higher I was only „main event.” With only pizza to cover my mistakes.
I am quite content. Personally, I have few things to work on: pacing, pronunciation, diction.

Let talk about Presentation itself

I wanted to make 3 points:
How automation may seem to be properly working, and in reality being broken.
To make my point, I was using examples from test automation, Ci process, Backups, and actual physical robots.
Why was I talking about robots? That was another point one that I didn’t want to make the main subject but was quite remarkable. There is the whole world of physical automation that has lots of same problems as we have. They also have answers to few problem that we still haven’t figured out. We can borrow their solution.
One of such solution was Maintenance – something that in the world of IT doesn’t exist. There is the project in a maintenance phase, but it is only bug fixing, not actual maintenance.
And that leads me to my 3 points and a second part of the title:
Why is manual testing not going to die?
I think it is going to evolve; there will be more testing the test. Making sure that automation is doing its job.
One more time thank you for a great meetup!


Bellow some source materials I was using preparing this presentation:

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