Testwarez 2018 – A short relation

Disclaimer I did some promotional post for Testwarez 2018.
Testwarez is largest polish testing conference sprawling whooping 5 track each of its two days. And it really shows.

The size

It was a huge event. I can easily understand why Testwarez is the crown jewel of SJSI.
But the Jewel has a Flaw. The organisation had many issues.
I won’t go in it here there is no place for that cause I think outside of the mess wish Sli.do most of them didn’t affect regular attendees.
And Agenda on the page was horrible I am sorry, but for me, it was plain Unusable fortunately later we a more user-friendly agenda was published.

Orginal agenda – to put on they as whole on screen i have set up zoom on 25% and use screen in Pivot

Let’s move to positives

Like a year ago the biggest and most important part of the event for me was networking I could meet lots of people that normally I am talking only online.

I’ve met a weasel that worked for NASA

Another positive is a variety of topics. The idea of Themed tracks, in my opinion, was excellent. Unfortunately, at first glance, I had issues with finding presentations that would be of interest to me. And the way the agenda was displayed on site wasn’t inviting me to do deeper dive.
And here is huge thank you to JavaGirl she pointed me toward a „technical track”, and that was a good find! I enjoyed it.

Time for the mini wow effect

Super Qa of the Future by Tomasz Dubikoski

I don’t agree with most of his point. He had basically done straw man of ideas. But there were few good bits:

Inputs are getting more complicated, testers take more and more time to prepare data.

There is a lot of that buzzword around and there was a lot of buzzwords in past, most got forgotten but some of them became mundane standard tools.

You can have skill in everything but you can’t be expert in everything.

Testing People by Paweł Noga

Some Leaders spent to much time on their weakest members to help them, that they completely forget to pay attention to their best. Those people need a challenge and usually, want to improve. If you don’t pay enough attention to them, they will leave.

ELI5: Blockchain by Janusz Zieliński

Electric energy of its miners secures blockchain safety.

The author didn’t explain this concept well I will need to read more on it but it sounded interesting enough to put here.

Challenges of testing AWS solution. – Milovan Pocek

I am not sure if my take is correct, but this is how I understood it.
Mainly due to strong layers of abstraction most significant difference is that to check logs and other info you will have to use AWS console instead software installed on your computer.

A daily security audit of your code by Michał Kowalski

How many of you know all your project dependencies and why are they there?

How in a few month (…) by Paweł Stopczyk, Przemysław Niedziałkowski

Okay here was no wow effect I was really confused by this presentation I and their terminology
for example, according to them, a continuous monitoring „is running smoke test constantly” I completely don’t agree.

PWA from QA Perspective by Paweł Maciejewski

Those slides sooo many questions!

Paweł had stranges slides ever and best answer why he had them.
„Because I can.”
But for me, that presentation was self-validation.
In may I was researching testing and automation of PWA for our internal projects. And it turns out my recommendation was spot on. Cause Paweł approach to testing PWA was similar to mine.

Test impact analysis for faster pipeline sake by Bart Szulc

Bart preperes for taking ownership of the stage.

If you read by any chance „How Google tests software”*. What Bart was showing is the future of the test automation process describing in a few last chapters you have to watch this presentation. I won’t give you any mini wow effect. this whole presentation was Test Automation Expert Wet Dream.

How was my talk?

I did experimental Debate with Michał Buczko. He whooped my ass. But I am happy it worked! There is a lot of kinks to improve but we proved this format can work. So success! 

That is all!

Here and my Testwarez 2018 overall it was better then I was expecting.

That all folks! As usual did you attend testwarez? Did you liked it? IF you want to read other events reports click here.

*That book is from 2012 at this point is probably grossly outdated but it is still a worthwhile read.

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