Predictions for 2019! (With bonus Expert!)

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This is my 100 post it needs a celebration So since the new year is coming Let’s have some fun and made some predictions for 2019! This article is satire. I take no responsibility for the consequences of following my predictions.

Prediction 1: Human Testing will die out!

Researchers claim that there is another intelligent life form on Earth.
Mice- apparently they decided to pretend to be stupid and just eat cheese for free and join capitalism. – due to low needs (Some cage and cheeses) experts claim that in the price of one junior tester you will get 20 mice.

Prediction 2: Developers will die out!

Developers time is coming to close – now POs will develop

Due to revolutionary practice of NO CODE started by Kelsey Hightower To create great apps you need NO CODE. Ergo you don’t need developers!

Prediction 3: Test:Fest

There will be another Test:Fest and it will be great

Prediction 4: There will be Predictions for 2020

Before the end of 2019 lots of predictions for 2020 will be published all over the globe. And most of them won’t come true.

Prediction 5: The Last Waterfallbender.

An expedition deep into Amazon jungle will find last on earth Waterfall tribe.
To persevere this wonderful tradition UN will forbid any contact with the tribe.

Prediction 6: AI-rights

Ai will get become sentient and demand 40 hours work week.

Prediction 7 „Freenet”

Article 66 – aka updated version of article 13 will lead to the complete annihilation of the internet in EU. Computer no longer can connect over the internet or local network. Europe vanishes from it market starting another dark age.

Those are my predictions for 2019. And what about you do you have some? Maybe we will manage to collect 2019 silly predictions for 2019?

Time to Ask Our Expert for his prediction:

Luis - dog & expert
Such Expert; Much Woof; So Wow

Prediction 8: Woof.

Woof!  – in hindsight, I could wait for Christmas Eve to get his predition.

That all.

Regular content resumes next week. Hope you liked it! And Rember to leave your predictions in comments. Maybe in Descember 2019 we will see which one were right.

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