Disappoitment of the year – Microsoft

Next post will be my summary of the year. But there is one thing that stood out for me. How much torn in my side Microsoft was this year.

The list could go for ever, but I will take a few of the most memorable issues.

Note those are issues I experienced. And they may not have experienced it. And that’s fine – I am even envious.

So here is the list

Windows 10 Updates!

There was no update that didn’t break something. – And not only on my home computer but on my workstation too. An additional bonus for mostly breaking other MS products. Especially Outlook and VS.

Forced Updates

Having all the problems with updates, you can imagine I don’t want to instal them soo often and well. You can’t cause there are automatic updates!
And yes I know you can disable them – for now.

Menu Start

In a time of Windows 7, Launchy and other tools like it were your friends.

Launchy window source

But then Windows 8 came. With all its faults, there was at least one thing working great. Menu stat was soo good you didn’t need programs like Launchy anymore.

And yes the tiles weren’t a good idea. But if you were mostly typing what you needed, It was the best.

Then Windows 10 came, and Menu start is bad just bad. Granted it looks more like old menu start compared to windows 8. But try to search something there.

Just today I tried to lunch SQL studio – neither typing studio, SQL or even name of executable (ssms) helped. Try to lunch Visual Studio – good luck if you have more then one. But who knows maybe there is hope.

Menu start Windows 10 – source

And let’s not forget the Ads in that menu.

If you want to know more about why menu start in windows 10 is bad I recomend this article.

Microsoft Office inconsistencies

Do you want to change shortcuts in office?
Well yes, you can unless you want to change them in outlook.
And it is especially annoying since the stupid read-aloud function was introduced – thanks to muscle memory I have lunch this idiotic function more time then I can remember. Bonus point for having to close both popups and automatically launched the browser before I can return to work.

Microsoft Outlook

I can’t even count a number of times this tool failed me.
But its search is amazing sometimes it can’t find emails.
Sometimes it says you have unread emails but when you set the filter to unread there will be nothing in any tab(including other.).

Skype for business

History being kept in outlook good luck trying to figure out wtf is going on.
Try to send the image to someone who is not at their computer to receive it – good luck. But I think they knew how far behind they are cause it is time for:


The communication aspect times much better then skype – I haven’t yet opportunity to call via Teams but typed chat is much better.

My problem is trying to open files in Teams you are for the word of pain. From the low-res version of the document that you can’t even read.
To outright impossible to edit.

Teams are also powered by SharePoint online (for files) and exchange online (for messages)

Another intricacy if you upload something to the „team/team channel” it gets uploaded to the team’s SharePoint online
if you upload something in IM when talking to someone, it gets uploaded into your OneDrive for business

– quote of my friend.


. This pile of missed opportunity is such huge waste that even Microsoft hates it. But for me, as Tester biggest issue is where the browser version is kept.
For normal browser it is options -> help – > about
but not for edge . Here if you go option -help – you can rate this browser, learn some tips, report unsafe sites. BUT THERE IS no about page.

For this you have to go to options -> settings -> scroll to bottom page.
Why? Because it is UWP and that is where they want it for UWP.
Change for change sake.

And what is most annoying for me as a tester is when even IE is able to deal with the page, and Edge fails.

In one way I am sad that Edge goes away. The less competition on market is never good. But honestly, I don’t know if Edge was ever a competitor. IT never stood a change. In the Desktop market share, it is still loosing even with IE. But if the rumors about google sabotaging Edge are true it makes the sitatuion much more sinister…


I am done with MS.
On my gaming machine, it still will stay cause somehow games are still on Windows. But whenever I can, I am moving to Linux.
I Will probably still use azure and c# for now. But its time to look for something else.

How is your experience with windows this year?

Note those all are screwup that happened to me. Your experience will be probably completely different.

No more 300 this year. Next post will be bird look back at this long year.

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