Programing Challange 7 Done – What is next?

Challenge 7 – Mind map search tool

My 7th program evolved quite a lot current version of the program for searching mind maps works for Xmind.  It doesn’t work as a command-line tool, but it works and for now its good enough for me.

display from application on console
Example of my app in work

We will see as I am using it. I will probably develop it more with time.

The last week of this challenge was interesting to me. Instead of improving functionality, I’ve decided to invest in code quality. I’ve setups ci, added analyzes and sonar cloud. Then I went on journey add test and refactor classes to better standards.

What I’ve realized quite fast is that my read writes layer has crept in a little too much in the business layer—making Some classes much harder to unit test.

Anyway: Application code is here if you want to take a look.

I have aslo ci pipeline here and sonarcloud here.

Time for Challenge 8.

I must admit I never thought I would go so far as 8th. I thought I give app long before this point. And honestly, this one may be the one that finally breaks me.

  • Why?I have holidays in May.
    • I would prefer actually to take a break from programming and work.
  • This program is enormous, as far as this challenge goes.

You may have noticed I have a small Youtube series called “ITea Morning Where I talk different articles that were of interest to me and are connected to IT.

My current process looks like this:

  1. Collect articles on a mind map.
  2. Select some that I think would work for the episode.
  3. Create a mind map used for the intro.
  4. Copy links to my templates for posts and youtube notes.
  5. Add tags to both youtube and other social media post.

This program goal is to help me with it.

The simples version goas as follow:

  1. I can add a link to the database. On this stage, I can add title, category and tags.
  2. Then on a separate screen, I can select which link I want.
  3. Finally, The program Will generate from template: post for social media with tags, and youtube description.


  • The program will mark articles as used.
  • The program will detect duplicates.
  • If I enter, the link program will try auto-extract title and tags from the article.
  • The program will store information which articles were for which day and allow the auto-generation weekly summary post.

So as you can see quite a lot of work.

I honestly doubt I will be able to do it in a month. But this program I am willing to extend for longer.

That all for today!

Wish me luck 🙂

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