Retro of the week #11 Confused Automated Uncle

January is in full swing. I am slowly preparing to move back to Poland.

The question of the week:

Old one returning: How much value bring an automated end to end test?
Especially in the test suite for one of the subsystems.
What if it is mostly failing due to instabilities of another system even before actual system under test can be interacted with.
My current answer is:
Such automation is useful as the tool for help with manual testing. It is part of automated suite used as part of Continuous Development.

The Article of the week:

Uncle Bob had which compers different code smell to drag, and I love this comparison: link.

The Experiment of the week:

I am preparing discussion panel for Testfest called
„Let’s steal from the scientists!” and it reminded me about a mantra
„I am confused”, and how helpful it can be I will talk more about it in an article tomorrow.

The event of the week:

In 1.5 Week I will be presenting at Dublin Ministry Of Testing Meetup it is my Goodbye Presentation a few days later I will be coming back to Poland.


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