Retro of the Week #23 myth of easy money in IT

This week was surreal. Monday Coming to work I learned we are flying to Dublin. The city I left barely two months ago.
So this week I was pondering myth of easy money in IT.
And I was playing with TDD.

mind map for week 23

The Question of the week:  Is myth of easy money in it True?

This week three things happened. WiT asked me to write the short article with answers for few questions connected to Tech Leaders program. One of them was a question if people should join It.
I have met two people that want to start their carrier in it.
One was quite successful business women that are not satisfied with her job. She looks for something new. But she is a little afraid of a pay cut.
The second one is the well more strange case. He doesn’t know English, and well I think he never finished high school. Also, He has problems with finding a job and keeping it. So  He wants to go to do some „IT technician” course and start working as Sysadmin.
He was baited by stories of guys that have no degree and are earning more than masters of science.

And I am sitting here and thinking that we have our gold rush.
I think there is still a lot of jobs here, but I am not sure if it is as easy to get and as easy work as some may think.

The Article of the week:

Test Driven Testing – to be honest, I am little pissed off.
Cause I have concept TDTD – Test Driven Test Development, this is an idea I am finetuning since 2014 I have even mention it in few my presentations.
His concept is similar. But still, I strongly Encourage you to read his article.

EDIT 16-04-2018:  Just to make clear me being „pissed off” was a failed attempt at light humour. I forgot old rule that text is harsher then speech.

The Experiment of the week:

I was playing a little with TDD since I am preparing the workshop
and I am always getting surprised how Hard it is.
The discipline you need to keep writing the test before writing code.
And also you need to be able to plan ahead.

And How did your week go?

Did you read something interesting? Or there are questions connected to testing that are on your mind?


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  1. Robert Day

    A lot of the stories about „easy money in IT” seem to come from non-specialist media journalists or from the recruitment agency sector. There is no such thing as „easy money”.

    Here in the UK, a big, non-specialist recruitment agency certainly irritated me by running a series of TV adverts saying „You can be whatever you want to be”, suggesting that people could change their career course completely, ignoring minor matters such as qualifications or experience. My experience of that agency when I was looking for work was not good, and this suggested one reason why.

    1. Maciej Wyrodek

      You bring a Good point.
      But, to be honest I am not sure if the slogan is totally wrong.
      A wise man once told me that shouldn’t expect to be always working in the same business. that Life may force me to change my job profile completely. Plus I have seen it happen many times people moving from and to IT.
      Of course, you won’t become CEO playboy millionaire even if you want.
      Of course, you will probably have to get start level jobs and probably some training.
      But I think there is enough through in this slogan so I would let it go. A slogan like that should inspire you and not tell the full story.

      That was about slogan but I think you are totally right in your opinion of that agency.

  2. Brendan

    Hope you still enjoyed my TDT series, I just shared it at STPCon but would love to hear more about your TDTD process. Maybe we could pair up and do a session together?

    1. Maciej Wyrodek

      I do enjoy it That why I posted a link to it.
      Me being 'pissed of’ is more of a joke than real emotion – I will add an edit to make it more clear.

      I like the Idea of doing some pair session!

      1. Robert Day

        Now, when you enjoy your work, that changes the question!

        I said there was no „easy money”, but when you get paid for doing something you love, then that’s perhaps the one time that there really IS easy money!

  3. thetestlynx

    I agree with Robert, anything is easy money if you have passion on it. Some people might discover their passion on IT after having a different career, but you need to be passionate!
    People that join something because they think 'they can get easy money’ are probably going to struggle.

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