Retro of the week #10 – Test case , meetup and climbing.

Another week another retro. This time test cases and climbing.

The question of the week: What is the value of test case?

I am fond of exploratory approach to testing. But lately, I started seeing test cases as more valuable. But then I realised that what I value them is as a knowledge source. They keep info how to perform some action in the project. And describing what the desired behaviour is. So mainly stuff for which documentation exist.

An article of the week:

Nothing that exciting like last week but this article I like:

I used to learn IDE by disconnecting my mouse and trying to do everything from the keyboard. It made me slower at the start, but the shortcuts were instrumental in my later performance.
I never really thought about trying same with web passed apps (to be honest I blame that mostly on my experience with testing accessibility on web pages and how terrible usually it is)

An experiment of the week:

Not really experiment more experience. I always wanted to try climbing and my Dev Buddy talks me to do some climbing. It was fun. He also states something interesting „climbing is mostly like puzzle you have to figure out way how to get to the top rest is execution”, and it inspired me to adopt it for testing
„Testing is mostly like the puzzle you have to figure out how to break software rest is execution” and yes it is only about one of the aspect of testing, but still I like it.

Events of the week:

I was speaking at Belfast Selenium Meetup my presentation was a little miss named. And that to short. I made two mistakes I relied too much on audience participation, and I didn’t do enough to encourage them to do that.
The second mistake I was prepared for it not working out, but I’ve got stress out and started going to fast through my material which still leads to a short presentation.
Leason learned – speak more and work on pacing.


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