Retro of the week #12 I have no title for this. I am packing myself

I’ve got sick, and I am in the middle of packing. So fun times There is a high probability that I won’t be able to write anything next week.

The Question of the week:

I had a different question here, but new arose at the last moment.
DevOps is about collaboration between development and operations.
Which also means communication and availability?
So how can you achieve it when the company has too little ops to support all development team, and They are unwilling to share their responsibility.

The Article of the week:

Hacker rank published the report of their latest survey.

The Experiment of the week:

Unfortunately, packing is taking my whole free time. The closest thing I did to experiment is I am trying different ways to isolate my expensive stuff to not break during transport – but those experiments are not „fail fast” type. I will know the results in week

The event of the week:

I will be speaking at next week Ministry of Test meetup in Dublin

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