Retro of the week #8 Brents Rant

End of 2017 is coming to close very fast – this may be my last article this year (I have one more in work, but I don’t know if I manage to finish it in time). There won’t be „Retro of the week” on next weekend.

The question of the week:
Goal and Plans for 2018? I have few ideas, but I am still unable to decide which of them should be the highest priority.

The Article of the week:
 AB Testing Podcast 72 not an article but I love Brents Rant that developers are often sheltered from the responsibility of their mistakes.

The Experiment of the week:
I am playing with Audacity. I like that tool more on it next year!

In case this is the last article before 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR

If you would like to read more weeks retros you can check it here.

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