Retro of the week #13 goodbye Ireland

Nearly two years ago on 27 February 2016, I’ve arrived in Ireland.

Today on 4th February it’s my last day here.

My stay here was long, and it had its portion of hardship. First few months were tough, but around October 2016 I’ve found my place where I hoped to spend next few years. But my i

Soul of wander can’t let me rest. Another adventure awaits horizon it’s time to face it.

I will bring a piece of Ireland with me whenever I go.

I would like one again which to thank you, all who was part of that journey.

Now Let’s do the retro.

Not much happens since basically, I’ve spent only three days in work and all my free time packing.

Question of the week

What Kind of legacy are we leaving behind when we change jobs? I’ve looked at my one year and four months at Kobo. And I was asking myself this question. What I’ve left behind? Will anything I’ve done be visible in future, or I will be fast forgotten?

Article of the week

It is something that was I have pondered at the beginning of the week mostly because of next point:

The experiment of the week.

Rakuten TV has series of interviews with people at different roles since Kobo was part of Rakuten we were selected to provide someone to speak about testing (yes it was few days before I leave)

Recording interview was fun and making my point clear and concise with little preparation was an exciting challenge. It is putty that due to miss communication that meeting won’t be published. Lesson learned – ask much more question about the way the recording should happen.

The event of the week:

I’ve spoken at mot Dublin meet up it was nice to talk in front of them one more time. Mainly since it was probably biggest crowd so far.

As always I need to work on the pacing of my presentation. But I am happy with the results.

And one more time Goodbye Ireland!

Ps, forgive me for poor style formatting and editing of this post. I have only access to iPad since Wednesday.

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  1. Jacek

    In my last job I’ve introduced so much stuff which not every one seemed to understand at beginning until they’ve realized how easy is to build and test using single jenkins button and some virtual machines and docker behind the scene..
    I do wonder what happened to my harness or scripts sometimes.
    Is it used, actively developed or simply dropped and they’ve returned to „good old ways..”

    1. admin

      I know that feeling.
      Unfortunately Quite often ideas left leaderless are dying unless new leader will take over it.
      So the best way is to encourage someone to take over that role before we leave the company.

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