State of the blog & 30 Days of API testing

November is starting so it is time for another state of blog. We will talk about events, schedule changes and 30 days of API Testing.

November is the last month of my conferences tour for this years.
I have 3 events this month, inlcuding Testwarez you can check info about them on my events page.

Schedule Changes

I’ve decided to do a little change in my blog schedule – usually, I am releasing post on Saturday/Sunday. 
But starting now I will move my schedule a bit and release them on Tuesday/Wednesday

30 days of API Testing

30 days of API testing logo

I’ve also Decided to Participate in 30 days of API Testing
I won’t be able to participate in all days but I will do as much as I can. I will post all my progress, (expect the first day which you can find below) on my Facebook page. It won’t be here on blog because I don’t want to spam your RSS Feed with 30 posts in one month. Of course I will  post summary at  the end of the month.

That’s all from updates. Now, let’s move to day 1.

DAY 1 „Define what API testing is”

First, we need to explain what  Application Programming Interface aka API is.

In big simplification, it is a way to allow the programs to talk to each other in a more „machine-friendly” way.
This interface compared to UI is not „customer-facing” so they don’t need to be human readable.
Usually, an application that uses API will take care of translating User inputs to a form acceptable by API and vice-versa. Of course, its results may not be presented to you only used for other calculations in the application.

Another important fact is that API is not limited to web –  yes it is most populare type but there are other for more examples you can check wikipedia entry.

So Testing API is testing this Interface its if its inputs and outputs behave as expected. Plus if our own application Layer uses API it allows us to check the logic of an application in separation from our UI layer which may not be developed yet.

It is important to note that API testing is not the same as integration testing, granted quite often it is the easiest way to perform those test but it is not only one.

Of course, since API is not „human-friendly” testing it requires more technical experience. It is not necessarily harder to testing via UI only harder to get used to.

See you tommorow on my facebook page for Day 2

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