300: Where to look for tools.

This article is part of the series „How To Research Tools” in this episode we will concentrate on Where to look for tools?

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There is so many tools before you will select anything it is good to create a list of tools that interest you. For example, I am doing mine in Evernote.

The search for tools.

Start with Technology Radar by ThoughtWorks – it is about IT as a whole but it is a good point to get an overview of the whole landscape. 

World Quality Report is also worth reading.

Next Step is JoeColantonio’s „Testtalk” – tools are his main subject. He has even episode on this topic and a lot of lists dedicated to Tools in testing.

Time for Exploration!

I am usually looking for some testing trends in google.  Around of beginning of the year, you will see a lot of articles „xxx to watch in 20XX” all of those articles are basically trying to guess what will be popular but there is still a good source of ideas what’s happening in the IT.

Lots of tools companies have their own reports. But again you have to remember those reports are their marketing tools so you have to treat them with a pinch of salt.

The last but not least. There are communities and conferences and there is a lot of talk about tools.
Watch out! It can become the double edge sword! You will see discussion on tools being derailed by year old argument „Testing vs Checking”. You will also see the old truth „Empty vessels make the most noise”. The most heated argument for especially against made often by people who didn’t use the tool or done any research.

The conclusion.

Take some time to look for tools, for now, collect them and create a list, you can add some description of why you find them interesting.

Next time we will talk about what to do with this list!

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