State of the blog March 2019

It has passed some time since my last state of. So its time for another update.

Dog with clossed eyes

But First What coming next.

My prodigies did a workshop on TestFest. And now they got invited to do their workshop on How to research tool. on Testaton event in May. I am proud of them!

End of March beginning of April is conference season for me I have 3 conferences and 2 additional events. (Starting with składQA which happened on 19 march).

As usual, I will do some summary of them.

Changes in the blog.

I am have long ago come to the conclusion that quality is the responsibility of the team. And descriptions like tester and developer are a specialisation that ends up in bottleneck (i was just witness of such case).
I have made the decision to do some changes in my blog to speak more about quality and testing from the perspective of the team and team member not from the perspective of the tester.
So what does it mean for the blog?

For now not much, only that my post will be written with the different targeted audience in mind. This is a short time.
From a longer perspective, there will be some more changes, who knows maybe even rebranding?

One thing is centra in I don’t want to alienate my current audience, – yes I don’t have a lot of readers but there is quite a few, and as far as I know, few developers are reading me already.

I have talked about breaking silos last year, and I want to continue this work. Maybe I will fail but for next year I plan to move on from speaking on testing conferences to speaking about quality on conferences more generic it conferences and dedicated to other roles.

Its long way before me but I think it is road worth trying.

And How do you do my reader? Anything intresting happens in next few months?

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