Little Retrospective plus on Changes

This post is my 80th article on my blog.

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Blog Updates

I am doing it for more than 1,5 year.
Last two weeks I made some changes:
New layout.
I have moved My events to separate page – now you can easily distinguish which were in past which are yet to happen.
I have added tags to all my post. Apparently, it will improve their visibility.

So what do you think? Do you like the new look?

A look back

While tagging post I had at least skim-read them all.
And well I can say I have improved in writing – not much but still I have become better.
And also I could see how my view on some issues have changed.
On some points, they became more evolved. On other aspects, I had changed my view.

While going from day to day, you won’t see how you change.
That’s why it is worth from time to time and look back.
This blog never was intended to be used that way, but I am glad I have found out.

Sorry for another blog state so shortly after.
To compensate for that next week, there will be three articles
in meantime you I recommend my three most read articles:

Tester, why are you not worried about AI?
Integration Testing Ownership Poll result analysis.
Books for testers – my recommendations.

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  1. laurent bristiel

    Thanks for your blog. There are some very good reads!
    I just noticed that the first link among the „top 3” is not OK.
    It should link to „Tester, why are you not worried about AI?” but links to „Books for testers – my recommendations.

    1. admin

      And that why you should never test your own stuff 🙂
      Fixed – thank you very much for finding it.

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