TEST DIVE 2018– A short Relation

TestDive was the next step on my conference tour list. And I think it was one of the biggest conferences at which I had the pleasure to present.

Experience from My Presentation

Cinema Room Slowly Filling before a presentation start.

It was a completely different experience to talk at a conference held in the cinema!
Talking on stage in front of the audience that you can’t see is a stressful experience.
You know they are there. But you cannot gauge their reaction.
It’s like going alone in the night you have that uncanny feeling that something is watching you. This time it just true: the darkness is watching you.
Half joking a quote from Nitche comes to mind:
„If you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares back at you”
But I am glad I did it. It was a completely different experience.

Let talk about other presentations:

And as per my latest musing, I’ve decided to share the mini wow effects I experienced. And we will start with:


And as just to annoy me at the conference I had an actual wow effect.
Grzegorz Latuszek gave me real wow effect with his Idea of slow code.
In short, we need to slow down to make better code.
The motto is: „Everyone has the right to good, clean, and fair code”
Its based on Slow Food movement, a movement started in Italy after opening McDonald fast food, its goal was to promote local, quality cuisine.

I have one issue, the slow code is term already in use! It describes medical practices which are ethically dubious and forbidden in some regions of the world. So I am not sure if it will catch up with this name. It has too much negative connotation.

I was trying to come up with a better name – but slow coding is changing the meaning of the idea. My other idea was as bad Slow development -this term is connected to a problem with children development, so it is also not a good name.

This presentation happened at the right time especially since it seems to be an interesting counter to what I call the era of crappy quality. I am glad that I am not only one seeing it, there this article is lately circling around making similar points. 

Motivated in all career stages – A Software Testers Tale? By Petra Boušková

I had few mini wow effects – She is the professional keynote speaker, so that is expected. My only issue is – this presentation should be at the beginning of the day! Not at the end! But that is an issue for organisers, not her. Let go through the mini wow effects

  • I finally need to do insight personality test.
  • Good idea of giving feedback is „pizza feedback” – ergo part of feedback should apply to each personality type.
  • Promoted people and new hires should get the specific training required for their new role. Not „some training” but all „the training” he needs. Sometimes it includes helping them forgetting skill needed in previous roles.

Machine learning in test automation – Karol Przystalski

  • The buzzwords are a mixed blessing – sometimes people do things because of buzzwords.
    • Case point lots of people went for this presentation based on Machine Learning in the title.Presentation author pushed for using ML for years but only was able to do it when it became trendy.

What about other slots?

I wasn’t there. After my presentation I had my shift in the newsroom to answer the questions. In another slot, I was doing networking. and during the last presentation, I wasn’t feeling well so I went to Speaker area to rest a little.

How was the organization?

I liked it. My biggest issue is I wasn’t able to find anywhere Abstracts of the presentation – cause for some of them I wouldn’t go if I had more info then just tittle.

Cinema seems to be a great place for holding conferences. – you have lots of space to use.

That’s all what do you think of this style relation from conferences? Do you like it? Or Do you prefer more my previous way?

If you want to check my other relation, you can do it here.

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