ConSelenium A Short Relation

Last few years Polish conference scene has exploded a lot of new initiatives is happening. One of such fresh initiatives is Conselenium which had its second edition this year.

What is Conselenium?

In short, a conference concentrated around UI Automation although it has selenium in name, the topic selection had a wider range.

How was the event?

I had once heard: „The best way to fail as a critic is to suggest that something’s perfect without fully explaining why.” For my purposes, I have extended it to „the best way to fail as a critic is grading something without explaining why”. Ok, why I am talking about it?

Because the event felt average. It achieved shippable quality. But it doesn’t have the polish to be something special. And I can’t really explain why. IT was just a lot of small thing summing up to it, starting with arrows pointing in the wrong direction, via empty vendor stand, to lack of coffee.

But There is one point that shined bright, for example The agenda was full with a lot of great talks.


I can’t say I was at bad presentation (outside sponsored presentation that opened the event, which was basically tv add about that company).

There were two god presentations about visual testing one about AETand BackstopJS. I am usually relaying on Galen for such testing but I think I will take a deeper look at both tools.

There was also two presentations about RPA tools, i wasn’t on whole Joanna Kauzn presentation but what I took from it is they were using RPA tools for test automation in time where they weren’t doing work for Business.
And Apparently, those tools were so effective that it leads to a reduction of the Testing team. Unfortunately, I didn’t write down actual numbers nor how they were calculated.

But what was most interesting for me was a presentation by Paweł Stopczyk from mBank.
He showed up how they do their tests, and what are their goals.
Basically, tests have to be soo easy that anyone can run it. Same for the report it has to be easy to read. They used F# and Canopy to achieve it. It is another tool I have to take a closer look.

There was one more interesting idea coming from them, using Splunk for selecting what test cases are automated. Basically, after deploying to prod they look in Splunk and on the base of this information select what test should be automated.

It is similar to the idea that lately goes in my had, running some portion of production traffic via, code coverage tools.

How was my presentation?

Again too fast! No matter what I do I have a problem with keeping pace.
But It was received positively.

That all for today!

With this i finish my relation of conselenium.
For now, that is all with the event next one happens in more than 1,5 month.

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  1. tester

    spelunk? or Splunk maybe?

    1. admin

      Fixed thanks from pointing it out.

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